Amaril Uniform Company's strength comes from doing what we do best, supporting the electrical, gas and oil industries by offering comfort, consistency, durability and value in both Flame-Resistant and Non Flame-Resistant garments. We continuously strive to improve and provide the best quality product to our customer, through variety in our clothing products and vendors, including our own private label FR sweatshirts. We work to better, not only the industry, but to better ourselves and better our customers and their knowledge of safety and compliance. 

We pride ourselves in being the most trusted and reliable provider of FR clothing. Marilyn, the founder and owner of Amaril, has provided education and passion to her customers since the early 1990's. Her passion and drive to help her customers, and treat them like family, is evident in every relationship she has built over the past three decades. Don't be surprised if you call and she is the first to answer the phone, or is there on a Saturday, even after all these years. 

Why Amaril?  We incorporate quality through family and heart for our industry.


You're Safe with us
  • Amaril Uniform Company's owner and employees offer over thirty years in the Flame Resistant Clothing and garment industry 
  • Customization: Company logos and Embroidery (FR thread!), Repairs, Tailoring and Customization
  • 5-7 day turn-around time on customized orders
  • 48 hour turn-around time for "RUSH" orders/new hires
  • No restocking fee for exchanged/returned items
  • Family owned and operated
  • Large variety of brands and product available
  • Customized order forms for your employees!
  • Customized PDF catalog (for companies dressing twenty five or more employees
  • Online ordering
  • Passion driven through family values, integrity, quality, and education of FR product

We proudly serve the following industries:

Oil and Drilling

Amaril Uniform Company 

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We Embroider -Tailor - Repair!

New Fall FR Product


Update on Backorders:

Bulwark iQ Series:

QT32 (Tan|Charcoal) - Backorder pushed to 1.12.2015 as they have zero fabric

QT20 (Charcoal) - Backorder pushed to 12.26.2014 as they have zero fabric


Carhartt FRR44 bib (101626) - Backordered to 2.26.2015 as they deplete product and move into 2112 oil compliance for Oil and Gas

Carhartt 100194 - Shipping date unknown as they've already discontinued 100194 for 101575 (2112 Oil Compliant) and cannot guarantee shipping

Carhartt 101203 - Backordered to 12.27.2014 as they have zero fabric