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Evaluation of ARC Rated Clothing 

R&D Arc Exposure Tests at Kinectrics High Current Laboratory-ASTM 1958/F1958M 99 (2005)

  • 3 Year old shirt 5.2 cal/cm² FR Cotton (88/12 blend) shirt took a 7.0 cal hit which did not penetrate through the fabric.

  • Testing conducted at Kinectrics High Current Laboratory in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. At the request of Xcel Energy's Corporate Safety Consultant, electric ARC exposure R&D testing was conducted on one used FR long-sleeve shirt from Xcel Energy. Xcel Energy's Corporate Safety Consultant arranged with Hugh Hoagland Consulting, Inc. to conduct tests at the High Current Laboratory of Kinectrics in Toronto and review test data.​

  • Data and testing revealed that, after years of wear, and several wash cycles, the product did not degrade, and the FR properties remained consistent, as would be expected. ​

*Note, garment was not thread barren and was fully in-tact at time of testing. Results will vary by garment. Garments should be removed from wear in the field if thread-barren or have flammable liquid or other conductive materials that would hinder their performance. Contact your safety administrator for more information.