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Monday: 8:30am-5:00pm CST

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Please fill out the following and we'll get back to you with your request! If you don't hear anything in 24 hours (M-F), give us a call. Sometimes your company filters out requests.

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Amaril Uniform Company

​8030 University Ave NE

Fridley, MN 55432

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General Email: Cartsales@amaril.com 

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Local Phone (MN): 763.717.2037

Toll Free: 877.363.1922

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Local Fax (MN): 763.784.3097

Toll Free Fax: 866.487.1544

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All new company managers and administrators inquiring about or needing Flame Resistant clothing, please fill out the following information, and a representative will contact you within 48 business hours. For emergency assistance, please call 1.877.363.1922.

Please check the boxes below, if you need any of the following: password to online catalog, online ordering set-up, print copy of catalog, updated order form, or new customer set up. Something else? Write your request in the Message section.

*Walking in the door? Please call 1.877.363.1922 to give us a heads-up! We are a locked facility.