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How long does it take my order to ship?
Normally, once an order is received via email, fax or online shopping cart, it can take anywhere from 48-72 hours (3 business days) to ship. During our peak season, it can take up to one week. **Make sure your office has actually sent us your order** 

If I have a new hire who needs FR clothing ASAP, can you rush my order? 
ABSOLUTELY. Just give us a call and try to note "new hire rush" on your order form or in your online order notes, and we will do everything we can to process and ship your order in under 24 hours. It helps if you give us a call!

Do you ship to homes? Hotels?
Unfortunately, no. We only ship B2B, Business to Business. We cannot trust that your package will be safe and secure, if left unattended, and especially because we offer company logo and embroidery options, we have to be more secure, in order to protect the businesses and companies we serve. 

Can I use DEET on my FR clothing?
No. DEET is flammable, and should not be used on FR clothing. Please see the laundry instructions printable page for more information regarding washing and care of your FR garment. This page is a printable for a reason. Please print it off and read it over. 

Why is my Carhartt navy outerwear not looking so great anymore? 
Did you know that Carhartt navy products are supposed to be washed inside out? Carhartt navy canvas outerwear (bibs, jackets, vests, and pants) are prone to color fading and streaking, and should be washed inside out. 

Can I shop online? 
If you are a manager/office personnel?! Yes! Call to set up an online shopping cart username and password. We will set up your shipping and billing information to match your preferred method. If you are an employee, then possibly! It depends on how your company set up your account. Talk to your manager/office personnel for more information. If you have absolutely no idea, give us a call and we can help direct you. 

Can I buy stuff myself if my company won't?
This is a gray area, depending on the company you work for. We are happy to provide you product, and if you work for a company that has an account set up with Amaril, we are happy to offer you additional product. If your specific company has an issue with you purchasing product on your own with your own money, we will work with you and your company to find an appropriate resolution. 

Can I get my own order form for my company? "Yours is 7 pages and I don't need rain gear or coveralls."
Yes, you can. Just call and specify what product you want your paper order form to have. This is helpful for your employees, and they can fill out their own forms and turn them in all ready to go. If you ask nicely, we'll even create you your own specific PDF and Print you company specific catalogs to match your order form. More than 50 employees? We'll set you up with a company specific catalog online also.

Can I come in and try things on before I buy them? 
Yes, just call first. We like to know you're coming so we can be prepared. 1.877.363.1922 - PLEASE CALL!! 

-If you work for a company that has an account with Amaril, please have your manager approve your clothing and sign your order form before you come. Print and Sign Full Order Form (current customers only)

-If you are a contractor or purchase your own clothing and are reimbursed, please just call us in advance. 

Below, we have included some frequently asked questions and answers!